Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is Australia’s favourite grass- and for good reason. Sir Walter lawns are prepared for our tough and changing climate, as well as looking and feeling great. Thoroughly trialled and tested, a Sir Walter lawn will undoubtedly impress you and your neighbours. Sir Walter buffalo grass is a rich green that preservers through winter. As long as your Sir Walter lawn in properly prepared, fertilised in autumn, it will thrive through the colder months. It’s thick grass blades, characteristic of modern buffalo lawns, are non-allergenic. As the blades don’t have jagged edges, they don’t cause itching or rashes. Sir Walter lawn also don’t produce seeds and absorbs dust and pollen to ease the effects of hay fever in spring. Enjoy your lawn all year with Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. For the cost of turf click here or read more.

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Once installed, Eureka Kikuyu’s vigorous growth will make for a full, vibrant lawn. Great for areas with high foot traffic, Eureka Kikuyu loves the sun here in Australia. With broad coarse leaves to soak up the sunlight, this rapidly growing grass quickly recovers from winter’s touch. Although Eureka Kikuyu doesn’t tolerate shade or damp areas, it bounces back quickly from weeds, disease or browning. Eureka Kikuyu is also non-allergenic which is certainly beneficial for family, pets and guests in spring. With a tight growth mat and strong, deep root base, a Eureka Kikuyu lawn will stand up to the blistering summer days, remaining its bright self. Enjoy summer barbeques without the worry of every footstep destroying your lawn. For instant lawn prices click here or read more.

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Nullarbor Couch is a manicured lawn, brilliant for Sydney and surrounding areas. Its distinctive green look is the envy of the neighbourhood. Nullarbor Couch not only loves the sun but the environment as well. With vigorous growth, Nullarbor Couch is the perfect choice for an attractive lawn, looking similar to a golfing green. Nullarbor Couch is easy to care for and survives the wear of sports and playing children. 5 to 6 hours of full sun is recommended for this lawn to thrive, so take care to plan for new developments and plants. With a fine leaf and luscious green colour, this pristine lawn is renowned for its suitability for landscaping, both commercially and in the home. For turf price click here or read more.

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Disease resistant, weed resistant, drought tolerant and low maintenance, Platinum Zoysia is one hardy grass. With a similar appearance to modern buffalo turf, Platinum Zoysia doesn’t sacrifice softness for durability. Being well adapted to tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate environments, Platinum Zoysia thrives in heat and humidity. It requires significantly less watering and mowing than most other lawn types. Platinum Zoysia’s ability to roll its leaves means it can conserve water, which increases its drought tolerance. Generally, a healthy Platinum Zoysia lawn will out-compete weeds and maintain a good colour through winter. For an extremely tough, yet appealing, lawn, Platinum Zoysia is ready for the challenge. For instant turf prices click here or read more.

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Here at Buy Turf Online, we pride ourselves in supplying the best quality Sir Walter and other LSA variety turf. Our Sir Walter turf is backed by our 10-year guarantee and is DNA Certified to produce only the best lawn. We only sell high quality instant lawn without the hassle. View our turf varieties.

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Mel Metzke - Networx Construction

Excellent website, easy to navigate, all the information is right there and includes pricing, very easy to find out what type of turf you need. There are tips and FAQ’s about what preparation you need to do. There are even “how to” videos, to watch. For me I knew nothing about purchasing or laying turf, however within minutes I knew what type of turf was best for my needs, how many rolls I needed, what preparation I needed to do to get the best results and the best thing was the prices were all there. I chose a date and entered the Qty and clicked on submit all within a few minutes. A bright, bubbly staff member with an excellent phone manner contacted within minutes to confirm my order and advise me of the time frame window for my delivery.  She even offered for me to contact them the afternoon prior and get a smaller time frame window.

18th October 2016

Michelle J. - Facebook Review

Easy process, great customer service, and friendly staff. Would definitely buy again!

19th July 2016

Simon H. - Hornsby

have been really happy with the quality of the lawn. The lawn has really taken off and looking fantastic. Delivery time and location was exactly what I had asked for. I couldn’t ask for better service.

22 July 2016

David S. - Greenpatch Gardens

Over the years I have used several turf suppliers but now only use Grech’s Turf Supplies due to superior quality turf at a great price. I always find that delivery of turf is prompt and careful consideration given in regard to where and how the stacks are placed on site. All enquiries made by phone are met with friendly service and advice , while orders are easily placed on-line. All varieties of lawn are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Turf is always weed-free. I recommend Grech’s Turf Supplies for any project large or small.

20 July 2016

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